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A lot goes into designing the perfect outdoor environment. From furniture to water features, property owners must make many careful decisions. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to make these decisions alone. At Gradex Company, our team of expert outdoor design professionals has the knowledge to create your ideal version of Kansas City, Missouri outdoor living. We help you stay informed throughout your outdoor design journey, from waterfall installation to choosing pondless waterfall plants. 

This blog covers common considerations property owners should remember when choosing aquatic or semiaquatic plants for their waterfall features and five popular waterfall plant species.

Waterfall Plant Considerations

Finding the right mix of foliage for your outdoor water features presents a challenge. While many species can thrive in still pond environments, these same species may struggle in environments with fast-moving water. 

Choosing the right plants can help keep your water feature free of excessive algae buildup, improve the overall water quality, and lend a more natural feel to the space. Keep the below considerations in mind when choosing a plant for your waterfall. 

Water and Sunlight Needs

As you know, water and sunlight provide vital nutrients for plant life, but too much of either can damage the plant. When selecting pondless waterfall plants, choose aquatic and semiaquatic plants as appropriate. 

 Also, check labels and guides to determine the plant’s sunlight needs. Know how light changes in your outdoor spaces throughout the day, and choose plants well-suited to those areas. 

 As a note, some plants also require specific humidity levels to thrive. Before committing to a potentially expensive or finicky waterfall plant, ensure that your environment meets these needs. 

Plant Height and Aesthetic

Some aquatic plants grow very tall. While these plants work well for pond or pool edges, they can sometimes obstruct the visibility of key water features like waterfalls. 

 If you choose aquatic plants with height, consider placing these plants along the sides of your waterfall. 

 Beyond height, consider the aesthetic you want to achieve with your water feature. For a natural, forested look, choose mosses and light grasses. For something tropical, choose plants with bright flowers and large fronds. 


Different plants contribute to different overall aesthetics. For example, mosses may create a beautiful faerie-like scene while plants like creeping jenny give off a more lagoon-like vibe. 

 With so many different aquatic plant species available, choosing the right plants for your space can feel overwhelming. Skip the headache and call our team today for expert pondless waterfall plant recommendations and much more. 

5 Popular Pondless Waterfall Plants

Looking for inspiration on how to give your waterfall a more natural look? Consider adding some of the plants below to create a unique and inviting oasis right in your own yard. 

#1: Moss

Moss comes in first as a versatile, primarily semiaquatic option for adding greenery to your waterfall. This plant thrives on surfaces that remain damp while still being somewhat drought resistant. As a result, it works great between border rocks, along the inside of the waterfall, and at many other points in or around your feature. 

 Read up about the many different species of moss, and create a varied look using different colors, textures, and lengths. Get more advice about moss gardening near waterfalls by speaking to the professionals today. 

#2: Creeping Jenny

golden creeping jenny

Creeping jenny charms onlookers with its verdant green cascades of small, heart-shaped leaves. In Spring, creeping jenny produces small yellow flowers that add to its charm and invite butterflies for a drink. 

 Though it grows only two to three inches tall, this plant can reach several feet in length and creates a beautiful drape effect. 

 Plant creeping jenny in aerated substrate between rocks and other features around your waterfall. Aim for partial shade or full sun, and trim as necessary to prevent overgrowth and remove older vines. 

#3: Blue Iris

Consider planting blue irises if you’re looking for a beautiful yet simple framing for your waterfall piece. These gorgeous flowers add color to your outdoor oasis and require little maintenance, thriving in damper soils close to water sources. 

 The blue iris reaches two to three feet at full height, with gently angled leaves. For this reason, the blue iris makes a fantastic accent piece. Plant it alongside your waterfall or in soil dampened by a water cascade. 

#4: Ferns

Like moss, ferns survive in moist environments year-round and make an excellent choice for pondless waterfall planting. These feathery green plants can vary significantly in size, making it easy to find species tailored to your specific waterfall feature. 

 Like moss, ferns also come in different colors and leaf patterns. Choose a bold purple or red fern for an exotic frame for your waterfall. Plant ferns in well-draining substrate between rocks or around the sides and base of your waterfall. 

 #5: Jewelweed


For a pop of bright color and a sea of small leaves, choose jewelweed to accent your waterfall. This hardy and beneficial plant grow wild in regions stretching across the US, Canada, and the UK. It has small spade-shaped leaves and vibrant orange flowers that attract butterflies and bees. 

 Like other plants on this list, jewelweed thrives in damp soils and makes an ideal addition to outdoor water features. Plant in dense but well-draining soil between rocks or at the top and base of your waterfall. 

Get Expert Help with Aquatic and Semi-Aquatic Plants

As the outdoor design and pondscaping experts, our team at Gradex Company wants to help you create the outdoor space of your dreams. If you’re searching for ways to transform your yard or patio into a watery oasis, we have you covered. 

To learn more about pondless waterfall plants, outdoor water features, and landscaping design in the Kansas City, Missouri area, reach out to our Gradex Company professionals today. Fill out our contact form to get started transforming your outdoor space today.