Custom Stone Retaining Wall Construction In Mission
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Why Choose Us 

Unmatched Reliability with Our Own Fleet

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At Gradex, we take pride in owning our fleet of state-of-the-art machinery. We believe that appearances matter—not just in the final project but in every step of the process. Our investment in high-quality equipment ensures our team works efficiently and focuses solely on your project, enhancing the quality of our work and your experience. By updating our fleet every 3-5 years, we guarantee the capability and reliability of our machinery, ensuring timely project completion without the hassle of delays.

No Additional Costs, No Delays

Our independence from rental companies means your project progresses smoothly, without unnecessary costs or waiting times. Our clean, well-maintained, and newer equipment ensures we’re always ready and able to complete your job, eliminating concerns over breakdowns, safety, or unsightliness.

Quality Control From the Ground Up

We leave no stone unturned—literally. Processing our own retaining wall stone in-house allows us to control the quality from quarry to installation. Our 300-ton stone splitter and patented Stone Mill enable us to custom-make stones to precise specifications. Whether it’s achieving a specific elevation or selecting the perfect weathered limestone boulder from our 65-acre quarry, we ensure every detail is as you envisioned.

Everything You Need, When You Need It

Our extensive on-hand inventory, including gravels, pipes, textiles, and a $50,000 stock of Aquascape water feature products, means your project never hits a snag. We’re prepared so your project stays on schedule.

Beyond Installation: Empowering Your Green Thumb

We’re not just about installing; we’re about empowering. If you have a green thumb, we offer not only our expertise but also our premium materials for sale. From delivering the perfect stone to providing the essentials for your water feature projects, we support your DIY spirit.

Gradex: Where Your Vision Comes to Life

Choose Gradex for a partner that goes beyond the basics. We bring reliability, quality, and personalized care to every project. Let us transform your space with the precision, care, and excellence it deserves.

Ready? Let’s get your project started!

Ready? Let’s get your project started!