Learn Which Companies People Prefer Working With In Kansas City, Missouri
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The stone retaining wall installers people like working with in Kansas City, Missouri, include Resolute Excavating and a few others.

Find the other 2 below-

Breaking The Hill

“What exactly does ‘break the hill’ mean to you?” asks Michael.

Jennifer waggles her eyebrows at him. “It means we can break up the hill in our backyard so it’s not just a slope. We can use retaining walls to create some flat spaces.”

Michael’s mouth forms an ‘O’. “And we can use that space for gardening, plants, a water feature, outdoor living space, or whatever we couldn’t use it for as a hill.”

Jennifer breaks out into a huge smile. “Exactly! We’ll have options and it’ll help increase the value of our home! One of the things we need to do is look at stone retaining wall installers near us. We’ll have to look up koi pond builders near us if we decide to get one after the retaining walls.”

Michael gets out his phone and starts typing furiously. He and Michelle search Google until they narrow it down to a few different options.

Here are some of the installers they’re looking at:

Other Great Stone Retaining Wall Installers In Kansas City, Missouri

A few other trusty stone retaining wall installers in Kansas City, Missouri, include Keith Scott and Company, Resolute Excavating, and Elite Stone Walls. They should be able to provide good service along with a great product.

Smaller stone retaining wall

Keith Scott And Company

This company works with everyone from homeowners to commercial properties. They have a facility you can visit to view the different types of stone they have and the work they do.

Resolute Excavating

While they don’t have an online presence, this stone wall retaining company does have a presence in Kansas City. They do good work.

Elite Stone Walls

These stone wall installers are a couple who work together! You’ll almost always find one of them on a project site. They like to be there to ensure quality control (and Cody likes working with his hands).

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“So we can contact these guys and maybe one more,” suggests Jennifer. Michael nods. “First, why don’t we learn more about retaining walls? Then we’ll be more prepared to talk to a stone retaining wall installer.”