Find Out Who Else Can Build Really Good Ponds In Kansas City
Koi pond builders in Kansas City standing around a new pond

These 3 other koi pond builders are all local to Kansas City. Two of them are Aquascape Certified so they can give you a beautiful pond.

Find the 3 companies below-

It’s Not One And Done

“Why can’t it be? It’d make finding koi pond builders a lot easier,” grumbles Michael.

Jennifer rolls her eyes and smiles. “Yeah, it really would. But, that’s not the way to find the best company for us,” she reminds him.

Michael sighs. “Yeah, you’re right. Just some wishful thinking. Anyways, let’s start looking for the koi pond builder who’s going to create a masterpiece in our backyard.” He gets out his phone and starts searching on Google.

“And while you do that I’m going to look up koi pond costs,” says Jennifer. She takes out her phone and walks into the next room.

After searching, here are the 3 other koi pond contractors they’re thinking of contacting:

3 Koi Pond Installers In Kansas City

Good Earth Water Gardens, Nature’s Image, and Swan’s Water Gardens are all koi pond installers in Kansas City. The first two are Aquascape Certified. This means they’re licensed by a nationally recognized company that builds good koi ponds. Swan’s has been in business for a long time and does good work.

They all have the ability to build great ponds, so the difference comes down to who the people are that you want to work with.

Bob and Melissa Kerr

Good Earth Water Gardens

Dan and Kevin Stanza grew up in the landscaping world. After building their first koi pond with their dad’s company, they fell in love with water features. Now they want everyone to have one.

Nature’s Image Aquatic Design

Brad Cheney started this business because he’s always enjoyed nature’s water features. He wants to bring that natural beauty to as many homes as possible.

Swan’s Water Gardens

This family-owned koi pond building business has its own special way of building water features. You can also buy pond supplies here.

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“So now we just need to contact them and make a decision,” says Michael. Jennifer nods slightly. “Yes, but let’s see what else we can learn about koi ponds first.”

More koi pond posts coming soon!