Your Neighbors in Johnson County, Missouri, And The Surrounding Areas Compare These Pros And Cons Of A Natural Swimming Pool Before Deciding Whether To Get One Or Not

Weighing the pros and cons of anything is a great way to decide whether you really want it or not. You don’t want to just jump into a decision, only to regret it later!

In this post, you can find the 7 pros and 7 cons of natural pools that you need to know.

7 Actual Pros Of A Natural Swimming Pool

1. Have a relaxing float, view, and sound

You’ll love the more natural views and sounds you get with natural pools vs swimming pools.

Instead of your surroundings being concrete and chlorine, you’ll have plants and natural stone. You can have the calming sound of water running down a stream until it splashes into a waterfall. Watching and listening to the water run is so peaceful you may drift off to sleep.

2. Use your creativity during the design phase

If you love flexing your creativity muscle, here’s a perfect opportunity.

You can have as much of a hand in the design as you’d like. Come up with the shape, choose plants, decide if you want a stream, add lights, and more to your natural swimming pool. There are many different natural pool designs you can have.

3. Have an impressive and unique feature

How many people do you know have a backyard feature like this?

It’s probably close to one or zero. Natural pools are a true mark of individuality and class. Can you imagine walking into your friend’s backyard and seeing one? Pretty impressive.

4. Bring vacation to your home

You don’t have to go on vacation to feel like you’re away from the world.

Natural pools are like having a small lake in your backyard. You’ll have a relaxing view, a calming sound, and the ability to float and swim. It sure sounds like a vacation, doesn’t it?

5. Use and swim in fewer chemicals with a natural swimming pool

Some people don’t want a pool because of all the chemicals and chlorine.

You won’t have to worry about that with this kind of feature. Water features stay clean and clear using multiple filters. Skimmers catch leaves and debris while BioFalls and beneficial bacteria and plants clean the water. You can add a bog that further filters the water (and makes room for more plants).

6. A low amount of maintenance and cost

You won’t have to worry about having as much maintenance as with a swimming pool.

Natural swimming pools practically take care of themselves. Like the above pro says, this feature comes with many natural filters. All you basically need to take care of is emptying the skimmer basket.

You will want to have your contractor come and perform a deeper clean 2 to 3 times per year. This helps control algae and keeps your feature cleaner.

7. Use less energy

Due to all of these natural filters, you shouldn’t see a significant spike in your energy bill.

These features need a pump to circulate the water through the filters, but that’s practically it. You’ll only see a more significant increase if you install lights around and in it.

7 Actual Cons Of A Natural Swimming Pool

1. Can attract unwanted wildlife

Some people don’t get along with wildlife well.

You can see birds, frogs, insects, and other creatures like snakes and turtles. A natural pool is a small ecosystem that attracts animals.

2. They can quickly get expensive

While maintenance costs may be lower than pools, these water features can be expensive to install.

Your material choice, the size you choose, a custom shape, how many plants and what types, and other decisions can change the price tag.

3. Takes time to plan and install

It’s a good idea to take a reasonable amount of time to plan your natural swimming pool.

With great planning comes a great feature! Natural pools take a while to install because they’re large and complex. It’ll be worth the wait once you’re relaxing in or beside it.

4. Needs plenty of space

It’ll need to be on the larger side for it to be a natural pool.

You can make your feature smaller to fit in your yard, but then it becomes less pool-like. Thankfully, this doesn’t take away from how incredible a feature like this is.

5. Algae will grow

Algae grow in ponds, and there’s nothing that can completely stop it from happening.

You won’t have to worry about algae taking over your natural swimming pool with proper maintenance. You can also install more filters, like an IonGen, to help prevent it even further. There ar plenty of ways to treat algae.

6. Dead wildlife

This may be the worst and least likely to happen con on this list.

With wildlife comes the circle of life. You may find the rare dead animal, but it shouldn’t happen often enough that it’ll be a problem.

7. Water may not be entirely clear

This is especially true for the beginning week or so.

After the water runs through the system for a while, the water will clear up, and you’ll be able to start truly enjoying your feature. If it starts clouding up, there are plenty of options to help clear it again.

Is A Natural Swimming Pool Right For You?

A feature of this size isn’t something anyone buys on impulse. People put in time and consideration before making a commitment this big.

Of course, when they decide to move forward, it’s a decision they don’t regret. When you feel you’re ready, you can contact us. You can always check out our swim ponds page if you want to know more.

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