Discover Why People In Kansas City, Missouri Are Choosing Natural Swimming Ponds Over Pools
Natural swimming pool with filter

Natural swimming ponds don’t have chemicals because the water is naturally filtered. You can also enjoy them year-round, unlike with pools.

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What Else Is There?

“No way are we getting a swimming pool,” says Jennifer firmly.

“Awwwhhh,” sighs Michael and the kids. “Why not?” asks Michael. Jennifer sighs. “Look, I don’t want to be the bad guy, okay? But pools come with upkeep and chemicals and you have to shut them down…they’re just a lot of work. Also, to me personally, not really worth it.”

The kids sigh again and walk back outside. Michael smiles a bit as he fidgets with his phone. “I know that look,” says Jennifer suspiciously. Michael breaks into a full-on smile.

“What if we could get a pool-substitute that you would love?” he says mysteriously. Jennifer frowns a bit. Michael unlocks his phone as he says three words: “Natural swimming ponds.” “Are those real and are there swim pond contractors near us?” asks Jennifer. “Before you say anything else, just check out what they look like and what makes them different.”

Jennifer rolls her eyes and takes the phone. Here’s what she sees and reads:

Natural Swimming Ponds vs Swimming Pools

Family and friends hanging out in a natural swimming pond

The best part of natural swimming ponds is you can enjoy them year-round! Pools can only be open for a few months.

There’s no need for chemicals with natural swimming ponds. It’s built so the water naturally filters in multiply ways as it runs. You can also bring in aquatic plants and fish.

Large swim pond with fountains and blue lights

The cost of a swimming pond is about the same as a concrete pool. This makes them pretty pricy, but you get so much more than with a pool. Ponds look more natural and beautiful, giving them a higher perceived value for sure.

The maintenance is about the same for both. You’ll just need things done a little differently. 

Now, you will find some algae in your natural swimming pond. This is normal, natural, and even good! Algae absorb bad bacteria that can live in your swim pond.

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“Ok. Maybe we can explore this idea more,” agrees Jennifer. Michael pumps his fist. “YES! Let’s goooo. Ok, let’s find some more information while we’re doing this.”