There Are Very Few Contractors In Kansas City, Missouri We’d Trust With A Drainage Project
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Drainage contractors need to know exactly what they’re doing or it won’t work. There’s only one other contractor good at this in Kansas City.

Find out who it is below-

So Many Options!

“Ugghhh it’s overwhelming, yet again!” complains Michael.

Jennifer sighs and stretches. “Yeah, it almost always is. But, we need to look through the drainage contractors in Kansas City. If we don’t get this project done our yard will stay full of stagnant water.”

Michael shudders. “And that means mosquitos and other nasty things. Ok, there’s my motivation back haha. Oh, we also need to look at retaining wall costs. Found out we might need one for our project.” He cracks his knuckles and starts searching through Google again.

“Here’s something interesting,” says Jennifer. “It’s a local contractor who has their own blog. One of the posts is about drainage contractors in our area. Want to check it out?”

Michael nods. “It says they’d only recommend one other? Well, let’s see who it is and maybe check out these guys too.”

Here’s what the couple reads:

The Other Drainage Contractor In Kansas City, Missouri

Retaining wall behind a home to help with draining

The only other drainage contractor in Kansas City, Missouri that we feel comfortable recommending is IDL Company. IDL stands for Irrigation, Drainage, and Landscape lighting. We feel as though they can also do a good job meeting client’s needs and expectations.

IDL Company

Nathan Cook is a drainage contractor who has a passion for his career. He started out doing everything involving landscaping before realizing he needed to narrow his focus. Now, this company shines when it comes to irrigation, drainage, and landscape lighting.

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“Hmmm, maybe we should check them out. If another contractor recommends them…” Michael trails off. Jennifer nods. “I agree. Why don’t we also check out this blog some more, see what other information we can find?”

More drainage posts coming soon!