These Are Solutions Our Clients In And Around Kansas City, Missouri Get For Their Drainage Problems

Smaller drain in backyard

Having a lawn that stays wet for too long is the worst! It makes it hard to enjoy your yard, especially when you have standing water that attracts mosquitoes.

In this post, you can discover the 6 signs that you’re having a drainage problem. You can also find out the 3 common drainage and erosion solutions people use.

We Need A Drainage Solution For The Backyard

“I’ve had it with our backyard,” complains Michael.

“Ugh, I know right?!” agrees Jennifer. “It just stays wet forever after it rains. Plus, with all the standing water we get clouds of mosquitoes. We can’t go out there without getting eaten alive!”

“That’s it,” says Michael as he digs his phone out from his pocket. “I’m looking up options for drainage solutions for our yard right now. We’ll choose one and look for drainage contractors in our area.”

“Sounds great!” says Jennifer as Micheal starts searching on Google.

Here’s what he finds:

3 Drainage Solutions For Yards

1. Home Gutter Downspout Burial

Larger drainage grate in backyard

A gutter downspout looks like a small grate in the ground. We place it in the areas that need help draining water. The water travels down it to a separate drainage system.

Depending on how bad it is, you can add a 500 or 2,000-gallon rainwater system with it. You can also combine it with a dry creek bed.

2. Dry Creek Bed

Dry creek bed with flowers next to it

Not only is this a great drainage solution for yards but it also adds some variety to your yard!

Dry creek beds are shallow trenches we fill with variously sized rocks. It directs the water to another area that has better drainage.

3. Rain Garden

A rain garden is basically a natural area we create to get rid of standing water. The plants soak up the water as it slowly drains through the soil.

Rain gardens are a great way to beautify your yard and keep people from stepping into the wet area.

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“Now we choose one and then look for a contractor, right?” asks Michael. Jennifer nods. “Exactly. We might want to see what else we can find out before contacting anyone. Let’s see what else we can find on this blog.” Michael nods and the couple keeps looking.