How Long Do Koi Live In A Backyard Koi Fish Pond?

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An avid backyard pond owner knows that koi fish make for an attractive and peaceful addition to any body of water. Adding koi fish to your backyard pond is a great way to add color and life to your water feature. But how long do koi fish live in a backyard pond? How do

The Best Pond Lighting Guide For Any Pond Owner

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A koi pond is more than just a pool of water—it's a unique and serene piece of living art. Just as with any work of art, proper lighting is essential to bring out the beauty of your koi pond and create the perfect ambiance for relaxation. This is where pond lighting comes into play.

The 11 Types Of Koi Fish You NEED To Know

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  It’s finally time for you to add koi to your backyard koi pond! This makes sense because koi fish are popular backyard pond fish as they come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. But, as you start researching, you find that there are way too many varieties of them. You have no

How Long Can It Take A Contractor To Build A Backyard Pond?

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It Takes Professional Contractors About This Long To Build A Backyard Pond In Johnson County, Missouri You may worry about how long you'll have a contracting crew tearing up your backyard to put in a water feature. After reading this article, you'll do a lot less worrying because you will know! In this post, you

When Feeding Koi Fish What’s Best To Know About Their Diet?

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People Near You Are Trying To Take Great Care Of Their Koi Fish By Learning About Their Diets Thank you for caring enough about your fish (or soon-to-be fish) to look up how to best care for their dietary needs.  In this post, you’ll discover what koi fish can and can’t eat. You can also

What Are The Best Backyard Koi Pond Sizes And Depths?

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These Are The Sizes For Koi Ponds That Will Help Your Koi Fish Live Happily And Healthily Nobody wants to be put into a house that’s too small, it’s uncomfortable! Koi fish don’t either, which is why it’s important to have the right size pond for them. In this post, you can find out the

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