This Is The Material We Recommend Our Clients In Kansas City, Missouri Use For Their Homes
Stone retaining wall helping create natural area by a patio

Finding out the best material for home projects is a smart move. You can guarantee the quality and lessen your stress and worry.

In this post, you can find out what the best material for a retaining wall is. You can also find out why it’s the only one we recommend using.

Which Should We Use?

“We need to choose a material for our retaining wall,” says Jennifer.

Michael sighs. “Another long trip into the Google rabbit hole, just like with retaining wall costs, huh? Well, let’s get started. What is the best material to use for a retaining wall?”

Jennifer frowns. “If you don’t want to do this with me you don’t have to,” she says. Michael grumbles a bit. “No, no. We started this together, we’re going to see it through together. Just had a long day is all, I’m sorry.”

Jennifer smiles slightly. “It’s ok, we all have those. I’m sure if we stick to the best materials it won’t take too long. Let’s go ahead and start so we can finish sooner.”

Here’s what the couple finds on Google:

The Best Material For A Retaining Wall

Stone retaining walls create small natural areas by the front door

The best retaining wall material is stone. People love stone retaining walls because:

  • Stone is strong and durable
  • There’s a wide variety of types, which means different styles and colors
  • Stone doesn’t catch on fire or is damaged by pests or rot
  • Natural stone doesn’t need mortar or grout
  • More design options, such as creating curves
  • Can have a more natural look than brick or wood

The Common Problems With Stone Retaining Walls

Stone isn’t a perfect material, but nothing is. The few drawbacks it has are:

  • Stone can be more expensive than other materials
  • Some stone has drainage problems (for which there are solutions)
  • Its bulkiness makes it difficult for DIYers

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“You know what,” says Jennifer. “We have a list now, let’s save it for tomorrow. Want to watch a movie instead?” Michael nods. “I’d love that. First, let’s bookmark some of these other retaining wall posts.”