Clients Asked Us To Build These Retaining Walls To Help Them Enjoy Their Kansas City Home Even More
Stone retaining walls create small natural areas by the front door

There’s nothing like pictures of a contractor’s work to show just how good (or bad) they are at their job. That’s why we put ours everywhere on our website, social media, and blog posts.

In this post, you can see projects clients in and around Kansas City, Missouri had us do for them. These walls create natural areas, space for stairs, channels for water, and separation walls.

What’s Worth 1,000 Words?

“A picture is, right?” answers Jennifer.

“Exactly,” responds Michael. “And now that we know the cost for stone retaining walls I think we should look for pictures of some. But on local contractor’s websites.”

“Why on local contractor’s- ooohhh, so we can know if the contractor can build what we want,” gasps Jennifer excitedly. “That’s a great idea! Two birds, one retaining wall, right?” Michael smiles and laughs. “You nailed it. Man, I’m good sometimes.”

Jennifer whips out her phone and starts typing. “Let’s go ahead and do this while we’re excited about it. Got to ride the wave while it’s here.”

The couple starts searching through different websites looking at gallery pages. “Ok, pretty good so far. Here, let’s try this one, Gradex,” points out Michael.

Here are some of the pictures the couple sees:

Pictures Of Stone Retaining Wall Projects Near You

These natural stone retaining wall pictures are from real projects in and around Kansas City, Missouri. Clients had us install them for many reasons, from making their home look better to controlling water flow and erosion.

Stone retaining walls create small natural areas by the front door
Stone retaining wall between driveway and slope
Stone retaining wall helping create natural area by a patio
Tiered retaining wall edging a driveway
Retaining wall framing a seating area in a backyard with a half basketball court
Retaining wall with staircase that leads to driveway
Retaining wall forming natural areas near gravel driveway
Stone retaining wall Gradex built in 2017 still holding strong
Small retaining wall for water control
Retaining wall for pond
Retaining wall for drainage control
New retaining wall for driveway
Limestone wall for a pool yet to be installed with a Infiniti edge lowered patio
Large stone retaining wall with steps
Beautiful staggered retaining wall
Backyard retaining wall to keep the landscaping in place
Stone retaining wall with wood fence on it
Backyard retaining wall on slope
Stone retaining wall by patio with stone fire pit
Stone retaining wall by pool
Limestone retaining walls around stairs

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“I do like these stone retaining wall photos, maybe we should look into this company more,” suggests Jennifer. Michael frowns, rubbing his chin. “I agree, we can definitely do that. Maybe they have more info on stone retaining walls too.”

More stone retaining wall posts coming soon!