It Takes Professional Contractors About This Long To Build A Backyard Pond In Johnson County, Missouri

You may worry about how long you’ll have a contracting crew tearing up your backyard to put in a water feature. After reading this article, you’ll do a lot less worrying because you will know!

In this post, you can find out how long it takes professional contractors to install a water feature. You can also find out the main causes that change the timeline.

High end backyard koi pond with waterfall and plants

How Long Does It Take to Build A Pond For A Backyard?

It usually takes professional contractors about 2 days to 2 weeks to build a backyard pond. How long it takes to build changes mainly due to weather conditions, what size you want, how complex your project is, if there are any digging obstacles, and if you want additions or upgrades.

Small koi ponds

Small koi ponds can usually take anywhere from 2 to 4 days to completely install. The smallest size we recommend is 6 feet by 8 feet. You shouldn’t put koi fish in anything smaller because they won’t have enough room. Smaller fish, such as goldfish, can fit in smaller ones.

Average koi ponds

Average-size koi ponds tend to take about a week to build. The average size most people choose is around 10 feet by 15 feet with a 2-foot depth. 

Large koi ponds

Large koi ponds can take around 2 weeks to fully install. It can take this long to build a backyard pond of this size because they’re around 15 feet by 20 feet. They can be much bigger, too. You can even make it a recreation swim pond.

What 5 Main Reasons Can Change How Long It Takes To Build A Backyard Pond?

1. If there are poor weather conditions

It’s basically impossible to build a water feature when it’s raining or snowing. Shoveling mud that falls back or moving wet stones is difficult and dangerous. We can’t guarantee our normal high-quality standard if we work in these conditions.

2. Your pond size

Depending on what size you want, your project can take a longer or shorter amount of time to complete. 

Larger water features tend to take longer to finish. It takes longer to build a backyard pond of a larger size because it takes more materials and labor. There’s just more work to do, which adds to the timeline.

Smaller koi ponds take less time because there’s less to do and fewer materials to transport and install. They can still take a good amount of time depending on your unique project and the other factors on this list.

There are different options for pond size and depth.

3. How complex your project is

How much work needs to go into installing your water feature can change how long it takes to finish.

If your project is more complex, it’ll take more time, labor, and possibly materials to complete. Less complex water features are quicker to build. 

Complexity can mean you want a basic or custom shape, to get upgrades or additions like lights, and more.

4. If we run into any digging obstacles

It’ll take longer to build a backyard pond if we run into obstacles while digging in your backyard.

Sometimes when digging where you want your water feature to be, we’ll run into obstacles. We may find utility lines, plumbing, tree roots, or the soil may not be great for installation. This could mean having to move or re-design it.

5. If you want any additions or upgrades

You’ll enjoy your water feature more with additions and upgrades, but it will take longer to build.

Additions or upgrades add labor and thus time to the building process. You may want us to add a stream, install underwater lights, a viewing stone, or any other pond additions and upgrades available.

It’s Worth The Wait!

You’ll love the beauty and uniqueness you’ll be bringing to your home by installing a water feature. It may take a while depending on your project, but you won’t know how you lived without it.

The sooner you contact us, the sooner you can get one for your home! You can also look at our koi pond construction page for more information.

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