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A perfect centerpiece for any outdoor space

A perfect centerpiece for any outdoor space

Huge pond with 2 tier waterfall and aquatic plants

Rekindle Your Love For The Outdoors With Our Mission Hardscaper Services

Experience outdoor living in Mission like never before as our skilled hardscapers reinvent your yard with stunning retaining walls, charming walkways, and tranquil water features. We do the work, and you enjoy your outdoor space.

Stone Retaining Wall Landscapers In Mission

Step into a world of tranquility and beauty with Gradex Company, your local stone retaining wall landscapers in Mission, KS. As we meticulously craft each stone into place, you’ll witness the remarkable transformation of your outdoor spaces. Our stone retaining wall services don’t just prevent erosion—they uncover the potential in your land, creating a landscape that enhances your home’s aesthetic appeal while bolstering its value.

Huge pond with 2 tier waterfall and aquatic plants
Huge pond with 2 tier waterfall and aquatic plants

Natural Stone: Steps, Pathways, & Patios In Mission

Let Gradex Company, your trusted hardscaper in Mission, KS, bring the timeless appeal of natural stone steps, pathways, and patios to your outdoor spaces. These enhancements serve more than just practical purposes—they elevate your home, providing an inviting setting for relaxation and social gatherings.

Erosion And Drainage Solutions In Mission

The threat of erosion and pooling water is real and can lead to severe property damage and health risks like mosquito breeding. This is why Gradex Company in Mission, KS, is dedicated to providing timely and effective erosion and drainage solutions. Our services ensure you can enjoy your outdoor spaces worry-free and in the best possible condition.

Huge pond with 2 tier waterfall and aquatic plants
Huge pond with 2 tier waterfall and aquatic plants

Koi Pond Builders In Mission

Transform your outdoor space into a natural sanctuary with the koi pond builders in Mission, KS. Our hardscapers will create a koi pond that blends seamlessly with your yard, providing a tranquil oasis you can call your own.

Swim Pond Construction In Mission

Swim in the refreshing embrace of nature with your own swim pond in Mission, KS. Our hardscaping team excels in creating these unique outdoor features, which provide a delightful and chemical-free swimming experience. Your customized swim pond will enhance your home’s appeal and promote a healthier lifestyle.

Huge pond with 2 tier waterfall and aquatic plants
Huge pond with 2 tier waterfall and aquatic plants

Fountainscapes In Mission

Fountainscapes can transform even the smallest spaces into an oasis of tranquility in your Mission, KS, home. Our hardscapers are experts in creating these serene and low-maintenance features so they fit perfectly in any corner of your yard. Choose from various fountainscape options, such as slate urns or LED-lit fountains, to enhance your outdoor living area with a relaxing ambiance.

Pondless Water Features In Mission

Enhance your Mission, KS, home with a captivating pondless water feature. Designed by our skilled hardscapers, these features offer a serene and beautiful addition to your outdoor living space without the hassle of traditional pond maintenance. From LED lighting to aquatic plants and spillway bowls, we offer various upgrades to create a pondless water feature that matches your unique taste.

Huge pond with 2 tier waterfall and aquatic plants

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We work together on crafting your fountain, perfectly designing it to your tastes and lifestyle

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Michael KnellerMichael Kneller
14:00 24 Oct 22
We recently used Gradex for two separate retaining wall projects at our home. We had Bob and his team remove an existing retaining wall in our front yard and replace it with a six-foot retaining wall using 12-inch ledgestone. Our backyard retaining walls were built to create terraces to help manage a steep slope using 8-inch stone. Gradex helped us choose stone for each project that were scaled correctly for the landscape around both projects. The stone that Gradex provides is milled on top and bottom, allowing for tight seems and the results are impressive. Both walls are beautiful and we couldn’t be happier.Once construction began, Anthony and Jake worked quickly and efficiently to build the retaining walls. They also helped us manage unforeseen issues. Our front wall was complicated by a large tree stump near underground utilities that needed to be removed. Bob and Anthony worked with us to ensure that the wall was built according to our vision, but more importantly, in a safe manner without disrupting utility services. Bob worked with us personally when we asked to extend our front wall to our driveway which was not in our original plan. His patience was appreciated as we determined how we wanted the finished front wall to look.Gradex builds beautiful retaining walls. Equally important is the service Bob and his team provides Gradex customers. We will certainly refer Gradex to those planning retaining wall work in the future.
Amie MorrisonAmie Morrison
00:33 03 Oct 22
Bobby and his crew did a fantastic job on our wall! We highly recommend their work.
Terry JohnsonTerry Johnson
15:58 07 Sep 22
Bob and his guys did a fantastic job adding a retaining wall to level our backyard. They were professional, always on time, and finished on schedule. Whether I had a question during the planning phase or during construction, Bob always responded via phone or text in a timely manner. We are very pleased with our new backyard and would definitely use them again.
Kristina BeckerKristina Becker
00:51 15 Feb 22
The team at Gradex is top notch… we have used them three times and have another job in the planning stages.They have helped turn a vision into reality and a house into a home.We had them do our sea wall out back. We live on a 5 acre lake in a subdivision. After the work was completed the HOA got together and started working on the rest of the lake because of the improvements.The team built a dock and a water feature with lights and a fountain connected us to a outdoor kitchen company as well…Bob the owner came up with a cool idea that we took him up on an we excavated our basement and created a walkout patio with 8 foot wide stairs 15 x 20‘ patio stamped concrete and Gradex did all the work as well we rebuilt the retaining walls on the front of the house.What do you think that’s most impressive is Gradex owns their own equipment dump trucks , Back hose has her own employees and it was just great they communicated really well came back anytime I had an issue ,real top notch.
Travis AbichtTravis Abicht
00:31 04 Apr 18
Bob was extremely easy to work with and essentially made our drawings come to life. He was up front with pricing, clear about construction time frame, and delivered exactly what was agreed upon. He was by far one of the most outstanding parts of our home construction. We would use him again without hesitation

Frequently Asked Questions For Hardscapers In Mission, KS

Get answers to your questions about using fountains to transform your backyard
in Kansas City into your new favorite place to relax and unwind.

Hardscapers are professionals in outdoor construction, focusing on establishing hard, non-living elements like patios, walkways, retaining walls, and more. They typically utilize concrete, stone, brick, metal, or wood. They don’t just construct and install; hardscapers often give valuable advice on the selection of materials, the design of the layout, and the maintenance methods that will ensure the durability of the hardscape. Gradex Company has local hardscapers to help assist you in Mission.

We utilize a wide array of materials in our Mission hardscape projects, such as concrete, different kinds of stone like flagstone and pavers, brick, wood, metal, and composite materials. Your aesthetic preferences, the functional needs of the space, and your budget all influence the choice of materials. You can rely on the expertise of our hardscapers to guide you in selecting the most suitable materials to fulfill your specific needs.

In the realm of outdoor design in Mission, KS, hardscaping and landscaping are related but distinct elements. Landscaping involves designing, installing, and caring for living elements such as grass and plant life to create an outdoor space that’s visually pleasing and in harmony with its surroundings.

In contrast, hardscaping revolves around non-living, hard elements of your outdoor space. This includes constructing features like decks, stone paths, and walls from materials like brick, metal, and wood. While adding functional elements to your outdoors, hardscaping also helps manage water flow, prevent erosion, and add visual appeal.

The long-term care of your hardscapes in Mission, KS, involves various tasks, primarily depending on the materials used. Hardscape features such as walkways, patios, or retaining walls made from concrete, stone, or brick require regular cleaning, occasional resealing, and repairs to stay in top shape.

Our role as professional hardscapers extends beyond just installation—we also provide comprehensive maintenance instructions tailored to each feature and material. Additionally, we can guide you in choosing the most suitable cleaning products and sealants to ensure your hardscapes remain attractive and functional.

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