This Is How Much People In Kansas City, Missouri, Are Investing In The Look Of Their Yard
Stone steps and retaining walls leading up to a house

How much stone steps can cost mainly depends on the size, finish, stone type you choose, and your stone step installer in Kansas City, MI. The typical range is $150 to $300 per step.

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That’s The Last Straw!

“Don’t you mean the last blade of grass?” laughs Jennifer.

Michael growls as he stands up, brushing off his pants. “You slip down this little hill and see how funny it is. At least we got one of the local drainage contractors to fix our yard so I’m not slipping into a puddle.” Jennifer tries her best to put on a straight face. “You’d be laughing too, hon.”

Michael pauses, chuckling. “Yeah, I suppose you’re right. It’s funny because I’m not hurt. But look, we need to figure out how much stone steps cost and get some ASAP. If this happened to me it can happen to anyone, including guests.”

Jennifer frowns, looking worried. “That is a problem. I don’t want anyone getting hurt, so maybe some steps would be a good idea.”

“No sense in wasting time,” says Michael as he pulls out his phone. He starts searching Google as Jennifer carefully walks down to stand next to him.

Here’s what the couple discovers:

The Cost For Stone Steps

Stone stairs cost more when they have walls built next to them like here

Stone steps cost about $150 to $300 per step. It mainly depends on the size, finish, and stone type you choose. Other factors include how hard or easy it is to get to the project site. If you need staircase walls that will increase the overall price for your stone steps.

Explaining The Cost Factors

The size of the stone is important for more than just how much material there is. Larger stones are hard to work with. They take more time and effort to move around and put into the ground.

New stone stairs leading to a new house

You can choose from a few different finishes. They each bring a different look and feel to the stone. Some also have advantages like being more skid-resistant.

How much your stone steps cost will change based on the type of stone you choose. The more expensive stone tends to look better but costs more too. Some types are harder to cut and work with in general.

Anything increasing the amount of work or materials will also increase the cost for your stone steps.

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“Ok, we can work with this,” says Jennifer. “We might as well see what else we can find on this blog. We might even turn our backyard into something extraordinary,” says Michael excitedly.