People In Kansas City, Missouri Are Investing This Much To Bring A Beautiful Sight And Sound To Their Home
Beautiful set of fountains with lights

Installing an outdoor water fountain for your home is a great idea! The sound of flowing water and the sight of the beautiful fountain is calming and great as background noise.

In this post, you can find out the price range for installing an outdoor fountain. You can also discover some of the main reasons the cost changes.

Less Can Be More

“Ponds and pondless features are too much,” says Jennifer firmly.

“How so? Sure the cost to install an outdoor fountain is way less, but besides that?” asks Michael. “Too big and too much maintenance for us,” points out Jennifer.

Michael sighs. “Yeah, I guess we do have other plans for our backyard. Ok, well then I guess we should start with how much a fountain costs.”

“Way ahead of you,” says Jennifer as she scrolls through her phone. Michael barks a short laugh. “Nice, love to see it! Found anything yet?” Jennifer nods, showing him her phone.

Here’s what the couple discovers:

How Much It Costs To Install An Outdoor Water Fountain

The cost to install these outdoor water fountains is about 21000

The cost to install an outdoor water fountain can range from $4,000 to over $100,000. It mainly depends on the types of fountain, the total number you want, and where you want to put them.

The project above cost around $21,000 to install.

The Main Factors That Change Fountain Costs

Large swim pond with fountains and blue lights

Types of fountain. Fountains are made from different materials and this can also be made using a different process. Larger fountain types take more time, material, and labor, which all increase the cost. Their installation may be harder or easier depending on the type too, affecting labor costs and time.

The total number of fountains. More fountains mean more time, labor, and material. All of these increase the cost to install outdoor water fountains.

Where you want to put them. Installing a fountain on undisturbed soil has a different process than installing it in a water feature or patio. Some areas require more work and maybe equipment.

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“That’s a super wide range, there must be little fountain villages out there,” jokes Michael, causing Michelle to snort again. “Maybe! Let’s see what else we can find about fountains on this blog,” she suggests.